VINCI Energies Challenge 2

How to benefit from digitalization for a better optimisation of industrial and energetic performance ?

Challenge is closed



One of VINCI Energies key missions is to setup, supervise and maintain energy infrastructures for our customers: energy distributor or industries. In this context, we are looking for solutions to optimise our industrial customers performances. You solution should help:

>> Optimising production workflows in term of traceablility (raw materials and at each stage of the process), waste minimization (with a lean approach), logistics flows, and/or workstation ergonomics.

>> Optimising maintenance activities in which we focus on managing spare parts availability and enhancing intervention times by providing remote expert services adapted to the quality of the communication networks.

>> Optimising and Controlling energetic consumption


*Your pitch deck must contain the Business Model you would like to setup with VINCI Energies and the presentation of your solution using a technology such as AI, machine learning, block chain, etc.

About VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies contribute to a changing world by connecting infrastructure, buildings and industrial sites to information and energy systems to improve your life every day. In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. 



*For the winner*

Proof of concept 

or supplier contract


*For the three selected startups*

Pitching workshops

Pitch in the Arena at the event 

Privileged contact with investors & VCs


*For the three selected startups*

FREE VIP entrance to the event

FREE flight ticket to Cape Town 

FREE accommodation in Cape Town

Selection Criteria


For this challenge we will consider only:

English-speaking and French-speaking startups from Africa


For this challenge we will consider only:

Early-stage level with MVP, looking for POC or with 1-2 POC achieved


Required format:

Short video with 2 topics: Startup presentation / How do you solve the problem? (mpg, mpeg, mp4, mov) MAX 50 Megabyte – You can also share us a “Wetransfer” link or a Youtube video

Deck pitch: 8 slides max (ppt, pdf) - MAX 50 Megabytes